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Who We Are

We are a global award winning software development company.

We help our customers realise their vision or ideas by bridging the skills gap from the creative “imagine if” stage to the “this is what’s needed and it will cost X” stage.

We help you take your app from idea to launch to scale. We become your required technology, underpinned with the relevant business process’ to realise your concept.

We are primarily an app development and deployment advisory company. Because this is the “stuff we do” we are introduced to projects at all stages of the software development cycle. From proof of concept to minimal viable product specification, build and host for investor or client appraisal / feedback. Once the “Idea” is validated and the capital is onboard we then assist all the way up to scalable infrastructure advisory / provisioning, customer relationship management layer integration and billing and fulfilment integration.

What We Do

We can help you in the confusing app lifecycle.

It can be confusing at the outset of an idea to choose the right technologies from a bewildering array of choices to make the idea a reality. At VentiSys technology we’ve been down all the avenues, and can help you identify all the mistakes and pitfalls.

We save you time and money by advising and fast tracking you through the milestones potential investors will expect, and help you with the technical lingo that will arise until you and your investors decide to further work with us, or cut us loose and bring the technology in house. We work with industry standard NDA’s to protect your proprietary concept.

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